We Invest in Development,

We Develop Our Technologies & Our Personnel.

At BSPL we continue to build our success based on a motivated interdisciplinary team where productivity is a result of creative learning rather than doing more of the same.

Future solutions emerge when combining electrification, automation, machine learning and data analysis. The company continues to invest into its own software team to apply and further develop deepest knowhow around battery thermal management and data analysis. Besides strengthening our in-house team, we firmly believe that the network, rather than organizational hierarchies, is the main architecture of work.

This means we create customer value by working closely with our key partners. As an official Integrator Partner of Bosch Rexroth, we are allowed to select, measure, sign off Bosch Rexroth hydraulic fan drive systems. Intelligence, competence and learning are not any more about the attributes and qualities of individuals but about the attributes and quality of interaction (which for us is open & based on trust).

We are committed to foster ecosystems and partnerships, enabling us to come up with new and innovative materials and technologies, as well as experiment with their digital and product strategies, and foster continuous learning and adapting to stay engaged and flexible.


Jarosław Nowak

Managing Director
Chairman of the Board
+48 600 983 341

Robert Felchner

Sales Director
+48 728 458 325

Tomasz Turek

Technology Director
Board Member
+48 604 508 839

Piotr Sitko

Plant Manager
+48 533 419 996

Mikołaj Kohlbrenner

Project Manager
+48 606 117 574

Waldemar Kaniuczak

Construction Manager
+48 606 419 645

Rafał Kowalczyk

Production Manager
+48 606 275 957

Marta Śliwiak

Logistics Manager
+48 533 505 732

Justyna Burek

Finance & HR Manager
+48 533 050 684

Krzysztof Księżarczyk

R&D Manager


+48 12 252 49 49
ul. Pileckiego 8
32-050 Skawina, Poland