We Guarantee the Right Climate.

In Vehicles and Relations.

BSPL is a strong and reputable OEM partner, providing customized thermal management solutions and enabling the transition towards sustainable mobility.

The continued focus on improving our environmental footprint through initiatives to limit energy consumption, emissions and waste through planned initiatives. While a carbon footprint is a combination of the negative impacts one’s action has on the environment, a carbon handprint is all of the positive things one does to affect their footprint. 

We continue to optimize our Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions while designing and manufacturing technology enabling on- and off-highway e-mobility. By producing thermal management technology which enables to minimize energetic losses (e.g. waste heat recovery) and also enables OEMs to convert from ICE to EV/FCEV we are effectively playing our role as an enabler of green mobility, transportation and mining. 


New Energy Vehicle

Thermal Management Solutions

BSPL develops products contributing to CO2 emission reduction of mobility and industrial sectors.
This includes “plug-and-play” battery thermal management systems (BTMS), thermal management systems to H2 and other energy vector powered FCEVs, as well as cooling systems to advanced combustion engines running on bio and e-fuels.
By combining modular design structure so that the technological solution is always optimized according to specific requirements, we are able to provide reliable and TCO optimizing electromobility cooling solutions to both on- and off-highway sectors.

Internal Combustion Engine

Cooling Systems

We design and manufacture heat exchangers, cooling modules and air conditioning systems to vehicles and gensets powered by internal combustion engines.
Our focus is on commercial vehicle and off-highway cooling systems including radiators, charge-air-coolers, fuel coolers, oil coolers and complete cooling systems and crossing a number of customer segments such as agriculture,  compressed air systems, forestry, construction, mining and material handling.
Besides optimizing application and customer segment specific heat exchanger solutions, by using advanced design and simulation softwares, we are able to continuously push back the boundaries, reducing weight and gauge of the materials while maintaining the same design lifetime in the sustainable life of vehicle performance.

Mobile Hydraulic Systems

The future of air movement lies with Rexroth hydrostatic fan drives.

The task of a hydrostatic fan drive is to use controlled air movement to carry off the dissipated heat from the combustion engine arriving at the radiator. Here the drive serves to ensure optimal engine and combustion temperature. Intelligently controlled fan drive systems thereby help to maintain the legal emissions directives while saving energy. How? Controlled by highly developed sensors, they provide cooling based on the measured temperature to consistently reduce operating costs. No more or less cooling than needed – regardless of whether in on- or off-highway applications.

Rexroth hydrostatic fan drives are used in a wide variety of applications – from agricultural and forestry equipment to construction machines and buses.

Digital Solutions & IoT

We have entered the 4th industrial revolution where the data is the new oil.Electrification means more sensor data which can be converted to valuable information and knowhow.
Industry 4.0 is revolutionizing manufacturing, increasing flexibility, mass customization, quality and productivity. In today’s competitive manufacturing scenario, maintenance is one of the most critical issues and companies are approaching its digital transformation from technological and management perspectives. Combining remote diagnostics and predictive capabilities result in higher availability and reliability of the machinery and plants.

Digitalized Predictive Maintenance

Harnessing sensor data, neural networks and learning algorithms allows balanced cost, risk, and performance, while maximizing value from mission-critical assets.

Over-maintaining assets will result in excessive operating cost while neglecting upcoming failures will result in potential damages. Potential savings from improved capacity utilizations are substantial.


At BSPL we continue to build our success based on a motivated interdisciplinary team where productivity is a result of creative learning rather than doing more of the same.

Future solutions emerge when combining electrification, automation, machine learning and data analysis. The company continues to invest into its own software team to apply and further develop deepest knowhow around battery thermal management and data analysis. Besides strengthening our in-house team, we firmly believe that the network, rather than organizational hierarchies, is the main architecture of work.

This means we create customer value by working closely with our key partners. As an official Integrator Partner of Bosch Rexroth, we are allowed to select, measure, sign off Bosch Rexroth hydraulic fan drive systems. Intelligence, competence and learning are not any more about the attributes and qualities of individuals but about the attributes and quality of interaction (which for us is open & based on trust).

We are committed to foster ecosystems and partnerships, enabling us to come up with new and innovative materials and technologies, as well as experiment with their digital and product strategies, and foster continuous learning and adapting to stay engaged and flexible.