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BSPL is an official representative of MAHLE Industrial Thermal Systems and MAHLE Behr Service on the Special OE market.

Who are we?

Our Company was established on the basis of the previously existing structures of Behr, transformed in connection with the integration of the MAHLE and Behr companies. In effect, Behr Service Polska changed its name to BSPL

We have 25 years of specialised experience in the area of cooling systems. Our roots go back to Mar-Art, a company established in 1989 which entered into long-term cooperation with the international Behr consortium in 1999.

The company is presently managed by Artur Kohlbrenner, the managing director of the two Behr companies operating in Poland to-date (Mar-Art Behr Service sp. z o.o. and Behr Service Polska sp. z o.o.). Our employees, experts with many years of experience, also come from Behr’s companies in Poland.

What do we do?

We specialise in three types of systems – cooling, air-conditioning, and heating. We design, manufacture, sell, and remanufacture these system types. The systems we produce are suited for manufacturers of all types of devices and vehicles.

We supply technologies and solutions developed by MAHLE Industrial Thermal Systems and MAHLE Behr Service.

Who is our offer addressed to?

In the frames of B2B contacts, we offer original equipment for small and medium size manufacturers of all types of vehicles and devices which require cooling, air-conditioning, and heating systems.

Our systems are designed to be used in industry, as well as in devices, and vehicles: specialised, military, agricultural, rail, construction, and transport (including buses).

How do we operate?

Our distinguishing feature is the comprehensive and complex nature of our services. We possess our own manufacturing and testing infrastructure which allows us to monitor the quality of our products on a permanent basis. We also have our own Research and Development Department where we improve and adapt our solutions to our clients’ individual needs. We also guarantee efficient logistics.

Our focus is on honest, transparent, open, and lasting relations with clients. Some of them have cooperated with us for years. We consider this to be both a great honour and a great responsibility at the same time.

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As an official representative of MAHLE Industrial Thermal Systems and MAHLE Behr Service, we operate in the Special OE sector. We specialise in cooling, air-conditioning, and heating systems.